RM Moderators

Your moderators are:

Forum name   Moderator  
CC4 - secondary schools


Dean Inns
Mark Poole
Simon Hughes





CC4 - primary schools   Andrew Coates
Simon Hughes


Internet   Mark Poole  


Third party technologies:

  Dean Inns

Vanilla networks


Jaysan Bunoomally
Roberts Disbury-Mockett
Simon Hughes
Chris Norman



ICT Strategy   Jaysan Bunoomally  


Staff Room  

Steve Newman
Mark Poole
Chris Normam


What is the role of a moderator in the RM Community?

Within the RM Community, a small band of expert customers work with the RM Community administrator, to help ensure that information posted to the website is appropriate in its content and location.

What are the moderators' responsibilities?

  • Welcome and help new members, answering any questions posted on the community.

  • Move posts to a more relevant area, ensuring that they are easy to find in the future and that the poster gets the best possible response.

  • Edit or delete inappropriate posts that are in breach of the RM Community rules and forum house rules.

  • Pin messages to the top of a thread where the content would help many other users.

  • Add, edit or remove tags as needed to make content easy to search for and find.

  • Lock messages (so that replies cannot be posted to that thread) to stop a 'me too' thread, or other inappropriate or inconsiderate replies. If you believe a thread has been locked in error, please send a personal message to a moderator to unlock the post for you.

  • Notify the RM Community administrator of any discussions where RM may be able to provide a resolution, or where feedback is requested from RM.

Please remember that our moderators are volunteers; they have agreed to take on this role because they care about ICT in education. You are responsible for your own postings, so intervention should rarely be required.

How do I nominate or become a moderator?

Moderators are selected from members who have a good knowledge of a specific subject area, have spent some time using the RM Community, provide regular responses to posts and help to ensure that all members have a positive experience when using these forums. If you would like to nominate a peer, or be considered for the role of Moderator yourself, please email communities-help@rm.com detailing your experience and particular fields of expertise, and the name of the RM Community group(s) you would be interested in moderating.