RM Community Rules

We want the RM Community to be a friendly and welcoming environment for all. To support this we ask all members to abide by some basic rules:

  • Be considerate of other users and their views; be polite, tolerant and inoffensive.

  • All forum posts should be in clear English.

  • Do not post anything which is unlawful, malicious or infringes the rights or freedoms of others.

  • Do not post anything which breaches copyright or any other form of intellectual property right.

  • Advertising and product placement is not allowed.

Most of all, have fun and help make the forum a great place to be!


We do not preview, verify or modify the content of users’ posts. However, we reserve the right for community moderators to delete any contributions that break the RM Community Rules or our terms and conditions. If you wish to draw attention to abuse, please contact the administrator at communities-help@rm.com.

RM's role in the RM Community

Posts from RM staff are offered 'as is' with no warranties; use the information within these posts at your own risk, in the same way as with posts from any other member.